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Snorkeling Tour to Catalina's area 

This snorkeling tour to the Catalina's Archipelago starts at 6.40 am picking up our customers from Langosta and Tamarindo or (if you do not need to be picked up) at 6:50 am at our diving center where we keep the equipment. There, we take a few minutes to check out the sizes and we get on board (our boat is moored in Tamarindo).

After 45 minutes of navigation, we will reach one of the most incredible and wonderful places for diving and snorkeling: The Catalina’s Archipelago. At this marvelous spot, we will have the chance to see a lot of marine wildlife such as turtles, pufferfish, dolphins, eagle rays, sharks, manta rays and more!

A briefing about what we can expect to see in the water and potential dangers to avoid, will be held on board by one of our guides. We are then ready to go for the first snorkeling session of the day (approx. 45min.)!

Once back on the boat you’ll be offered tropical fruits and soft drinks. After a quick break we will head to the second snorkeling spot, and get ready for our second jump into the water.

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After this, we will begin the navigation back to Tamarindo beach that we will reach around 11:30, 12.


Some people can experience motion sickness. In order to prevent it, we recommend you take a tablet 30 minutes to an hour prior to the boat trip. 

You can also prevent it following these tips:

– Eat light meals or snacks 24 hours before traveling, and try to avoid big or high-fat content meals

– On the boat, ask to seat in the front and keep your eyes fixed as much as possible on the horizon or land

Cost: US$75 + 3% booking fee

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