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1 Tank Night Dive at Las Baulas Marine National Park


Night diving offers a vast array of dive opportunities that are normally not possible during daylight. While during a normal dive, you can usually look and see around you in every direction, a night dive means everything around you is focused on where your dive light is pointing.

There is a vast difference between scuba diving at night and day dive!  The reef actually transforms into a different world once the sun sets down.

The Costa Rica reef system is nocturnal within itself and corals will look totally different at night when their polyps extend tentacles to feed.

Jumping into a pitch-black ocean may be scary for some, but for others, it's a chance to see species that only prowl the ocean at night.


Marine creatures like octopuses, bioluminescent jellyfish, giant crabs and lobsters, sea snakes, eels, and many more that are near-impossible to spot during the day, will climb out of their dens and appear in droves once the sun sets.

The boat leaves just before sunset, so your ride to the dive site offers one of the best views of our beautiful Tamarindo Bay sunsets. After 20 minutes of navigation, we'll reach Cabo Velas for our night dive. This area is part of las Baulas National Park and it is rich in marine flora and fauna.

After the dive we will start our ride back to Tamarindo that we will reach by 8pm.

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